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Indus Papers Studio Background – #066 Wheat

  • For creating smooth, seamless backgrounds
  • 185gsm, highly resistant to wear & tear
  • Specially coated studio backdrop
  • Non-reflective paper with a matte finish
  • Core-wound and wrapped in Plastic Sleeve
  • Available in 9ft x 32ft 
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Indus Papers brings you a studio background that has the smoothest texture possible. This paper backdrop is perfect for photography, videography, and all kinds of content creation. It has no grain and gives you a fine and even background. It adds a bright pop of colour to your background, in fact, it is so seamless, it doesn’t appear as a separate backdrop at all. 

If you have never been to a wheat field that is soon to be harvested, then don’t worry because Indus Papers is bringing it right to your studio. Wheat is a colour lifted from nature to make the perfect background. It is completely unassuming and does not distract your viewer. This beautiful shade perfectly encapsulates the tan hue that is so popular with content creators currently. Wheat is the shade you need when you want your backdrop to remain neutral against all your outfits and makeup looks.

The paper backdrop is 185 gsm thick, more than any other available in the Indian market. Its thickness makes it more resistant to wear and tear. And it doesn’t get easily damaged when you step on it. The special coating on the paper is premium and done with the top-most quality dyes in the market. It is non-reflective and gives you a matte finish. This makes sure the content you are shooting comes out flawless. 

Every studio background comes wound around a cardboard core and the length of the entire backdrop is 32 feet. It comes in the form of a roll and you can unwind as much as you need.

Two Ways to Install Studio Background:

The first option is a background stand. You can use one backdrop at a time when you are using a stand. This is perfect for you if you frequently shoot with different backdrops. And when you need a portable setup. 

AriesX Background Stand 

If you require a more elaborate setup, then look at our Manual Pulley Backdrop Mount or Motorized Pulley Backdrop Mount. These backdrop mounts are meant to be installed on the wall. It’s perfect if you want a permanent setup with more than one backdrop. 

AriesX Motorized PulleyAriesX Manual Pulley

A plastic sleeve protects the backdrop in transit and we recommend that you keep the sleeve for continued protection of the backdrop. If not in use, it is best stored vertically to prevent any sag in the middle. We recommend you use clamps to secure the paper to your stand and tape to secure the paper to the floor. 

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Note: We have taken all possible precautions to ensure that product images and swatches are colour calibrated with the Datacolor Sypdercheckr and shot under 5600K Studio Lights. However, variations in colour may occur during the production of paper in different batches, the printing of catalogues, and product images and due to different screen calibrations of user devices. Seamless paper backgrounds are Non-Returnable in cases of buyer’s remorse or buyer’s error.

If you want the same colour output as the website image, you would need to use a similar lighting setup. Colours may look different when viewed under different sources of light.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 273 × 10 × 10 cm
Roll Width

9 feet x 32 feet